What is required to host training?

The most important part of hosting training is being able to provide or recruit enough people who want to attend. Due to limited funding, WST cannot travel for classes that do not meet the minimum class size. In some cases, trainees may need to be recruited from several departments, communities, or organizations. In some cases, the local EMA may host training for all departments within a given area. Once training is scheduled, the individual trainees must register directly through this website or by phone.
The training host must be able to provide a suitable training room with tables and chairs for trainees, a projector screen, flipchart, and electrical supply.  WST provides the audio/visual equipment, manuals, and other teaching materials needed for the training at no cost. For trainings lasting more than one day, a training room in which equipment can be secured overnight is required. Some classes have additional requirements – for example, field training facilities required for Confined Space Rescue. Ted Krayer with WST can provide additional information on training logistics requirements.

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