Hazmat First Responder Operations Course

(as adapted for members and employees of Native American tribes)
Duration:  24 hours

Intended Trainee Population

The intended trainee population includes any worker who may be a first responder to the scene of a hazmat incident, such as fire and rescue personnel, police officers, and public works employees. These trainees will respond defensively by calling for help from more highly trained responders and securing the incident scene to protect themselves and others. In addition, they will undertake defensive hazmat control measures to limit the migration of the hazmat within the environment by means such as diking, diverting, or otherwise confining the spilled material.

Applicable Standards

This course is based on training objectives listed in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(ii), or equivalent requirements referenced in 40 CFR 311, supplemented with applicable training objectives from NFPA 472.

Learning Objectives

Operations level trainees must achieve all First Responder Awareness Level training objectives. In addition, after the completion of training, they must be able to:

  • Define hazardous materials terminology relating to hazmat behavior
  • Perform hazmat incident hazard and risk assessment
  • Select and use appropriate personal protective equipment for protection from the hazards of a hazmat incident
  • Perform basic hazmat control procedures to safely confine a spilled hazmat to limit the migration of the product within the environment
  • Perform basic decontamination procedures
  • Explain the importance the employers standard operating procedures and termination procedures for hazmat response

Curricula Components

  • First Responder Operations Level Training manual produced by UAB/CLEAR
  • DOT Emergency Response Guidebook
  • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
  • Reference materials on CD-ROM
  • PowerPoint presentations and various worksheets and kits used in classroom exercises

Note: A significant amount of equipment is required for conducting the field exercises in this course.

First Responder Operations Level Module Outline


I.    Introduction to Hazardous Materials

II.    Recognition and Identification of Hazmats

a.    Placard and Label Recognition Exercise

b.    Container Recognition Workshop

III.    Hazard & Risk Assessment

a.    Hazard Assessment Workshop

IV.    Using the North American Emergency Response Guidebook

a.    Exercise: Determining Correct Emergency Actions

V.    Site Control for Hazmat Incidents

VI.    Overview of Incident Management Systems

VII.    Respiratory Protection with Workshop

a.    Workshop in Respirator Selection and Use

b.    Field Exercise in Using SCBAs and SARs

VIII.    Spill Confinement

a.    Field Exercise in Spill Control

IX.    Health Effects of Chemicals

a.    Workshop in Researching Chemical Health Hazards

X.    Chemical Protective Clothing and Levels of Protection

a.    Workshop in Selection and Use of CPC

XI.    Coping with Temperature Stress

XII.    Decontamination

XIII. Mock Emergency Response Field Exercise

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