NIEHS Funded Courses for Native American Tribes provided in partnership with the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society (NAFWS) and and United South and Eastern Tribes (USET)

Who is eligible to attend this training?

Who can host these classes?
What is required to host training?
How does a tribe or agency schedule training?

Courses available
Hazmat First Responder Awareness Level (8 hours)
Hazmat First Responder Operations Level (24 hours)
Incident Command System (ICS) Classes
Basic Incident Command System Training
(the four courses listed below can be taught in a 2 day, 18 hour format)
IS 700: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System-NIMS (min. 3 hours)
IS 800b: An Introduction to the National Response Framework (min. 3 hours)
ICS 100: Introduction to the Incident Command System (min. 6 hours)
ICS 200: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (min. 6 hours)

Intermediate/Advanced Incident Command System Training
ICS 300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents (min. 18 hours)
ICS 400: Advanced ICS Command and General Staff – Complex Incidents (min. 14 hours

Clandestine Meth Lab Awareness (8 hours)
Radiological/Nuclear Awareness (8 hours)
WMD and All-Hazards Awareness (8 hours)
Mass Casualty Incident Triage Awareness (8 hours)
Basic Disaster Life Support (8 hours)
Responder Safety Awareness During Disaster Response (8 hours)

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